Is shaving an odd thing to get care about?  If you asked me that a few years ago I would have said yes.  I disliked pretty much everything about shaving.  My cartridges were expensive and I struggled with irritation and ingrown hairs for the first 20 years of my adult life.

That changed when my dad suggested an old school safety razor – the kind my grandfather used.  It introduced me to the concept of “traditional wet shaving” – classic razors, shaving soaps, brushes and technique.  It solved my problem with irritation so I was hooked.

But I also noticed other benefits of traditional wet shaving:

  • Greener: 2 billion plastic razors are dumped into landfills annually.  In fact, every plastic razor that’s ever been made is still on planet earth.
  • Cheaper: A safety razor can last a lifetime and blades only cost a few cents.  Hobbyists may spend a lot on high-end products, but wet shaving can be very cheap!
  • More enjoyable: The routine, tradition and attention to detail is appealing for many people.  Wet shaving turns a mundane chore into an enjoyable experience.
  • Community: A surprising number of people engage in wet shaving communities.  Some are artisans while many are just individuals.  Its a diverse range of interesting people.

This blog is my outlet for writing about traditional wet shaving.  My tastes, preferences, and techniques have changed over time but my goal has always been to share the benefits of traditional wet shaving with others.

There are no affiliate links in this blog and I purchase all of the products with my own money.  After starting this blog I opened Spearhead Shaving Company – a small business that makes razor cases and other wet shaving products.  I occasionally write about Spearhead in my posts.

I hope you enjoy my blog.